About Us


We were set up in February 2005 by parents and carers who wanted to provide the best possible services for their sons/daughters with learning disabilities and others like them.

We set up the kind of service that we wanted for our own sons and daughters: a service that listens, and responds, and enables.

We provide support using personalised budgets, and we also offer a range of activities that enable parents to take a break, and for people with learning disability to lead a full life, develop a social network and gain confidence and independence.

Each of the people we support via a personalised budget has their own personal assistant that they have chosen. With their own PA they can plan how they spend their time and run their life. We believe that everyone has potential to achieve: We believe everyone has the chance to grow and develop as individuals. Your success is our success.

The Service Manager is in touch with everyone regularly, making sure that all our services are top quality. Here everyone is friendly and helpful – no less than you would expect as we too are parents and people who use services.

Our Activities group has about 50 members. We support people who just need a little help to get out and about and enjoy life, and we support people who need high levels of support to do the same. Each person is supported in the way that suits them best and costs are minimal so that everyone can be included.

To find out more about the services we offer, or to know more about accessing services in general, please do get in touch. We shall be delighted to hear from you.

Contact us:

Telephone Kath McKinstry on 01695 711241.     

Or use the Contact page to send a quick email, alternatively email Kath directly at K.McKinstry@linkability.org.uk