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Advocacy for Adults with Learning Disabilities

People with Learning Disabilities sometimes need more support to get their views and wishes heard.  It can be particularly hard to understand what someone is telling us if they do not communicate verbally.


Advocacy means to speak up for someone.  With the help of an advocate people with learning / disabilities can gain control over their lives, make their own choices about what happens to them and be as independent as possible


Useful contacts:-

N Compass

North Lancs Advocacy (n-compass)

3 Errigal House

Avroe Crescent, Blackpool Business Park


Lancs FY4 2DP

Tel 01253 362140

Or Advocacy Access

Your rights to Advocacy under the Mental Capacity Act

When someone is considered not capable of making their own decisions it is still important that their views and wishes are heard by those involved in their care and treatment.  That is why Local Authorities are required to provide people who have been assessed as lacking capacity with access to an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) when decisions are being made about them.


Easy Read Guide to Mental Capacity Act, follow-


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