Circle of Support

What is a Circle of Support?

A Circle is a group of people who meet together to help a person who needs support to think about what they want to happen in their life.

Who would be invited to join a Circle?

People who:

  • know the person well
  • the person trusts
  • are willing to give their time and support to the person
  • are the kind of people invited to join someone’s Circle

What does a Circle do?

A Circle helps the person get support to think about what’s happening in their life:

  • What’s working
  • What’s not working
  • What needs to change

The Circle is there to support the person and help them to make the changes happen.

What makes a Circle work well?

These things are important to make the Circle work:

  • The people who are chosen as Circle members are people who want to be there
  • The Circle meets regularly
  • A skilled circle facilitator