Person Centred Approaches

West Lancs Positive Living is a Person Centred organisation. We do not provide a standard “off the shelf” service. Each person we support has their own package of care designed around them.

Person Centred Approaches are now at the heart of any definition of quality in learning disability services. We try to use person centred approaches because we believe it is right to respect all people as human beings, with rights and choices – to do this we all need to learn how to listen to people whose voices are routinely ignored.

We build the service around the individual rather than try to fit them into an existing or standard service. Every individual we support will have had a Person Centred Support Plan.

This plan is developed with the full involvement of the individual and their family, friends and other key people in their lives. The plan is regularly updated and maintained, ensuring it is kept alive. Our person centred approach ensures that the people we support have positive control over their lives; to be themselves, are supported to make their own decisions and to lead the life they want to lead, where they want to live and work and who they want to live with.

“Through person centred planning we enable, empower and support each other to achieve their best”

Circles of Support and Personalisation
Max Neill and Helen Sanderson

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