Supported Living


West Lancs Positive Living supports people with a Learning Disability who live in the family home or who live in a home of their own. When the time is right for an individual to move out of the family home, we help them plan to decide how, where and with whom they want to live.

All the people we support choose where they want to live. They also choose who supports them; they have an active role in recruiting their staff. Having highly-motivated, well-trained staff, that know the person they support well and who are trusted by that person, is fundamental to the way we provide a service.

The staff at West Lancs Positive Living can help you find out about Personalised Budgets, Self-Directed Support and Direct Payments and how to secure the service you want for the life you want to lead.

“Support to live the life you want without the worry”

The future of Social Care Funding means everyone will have their own Individualised Budget. This means people will have control over every aspect of their lives. West Lancs Positive Living is ideally placed for people with Learning Disabilities to seek advice and to buy a service from us.

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You can use your own money for all the support you need and for planning for your future. You have the right to:

The Reach Standards

  • I choose who I live with
  • I choose where I live
  • I have my own home
  • I choose how I am supported
  • I choose who supports me
  • I get good support
  • I choose my friends and relationships
  • I choose how to be healthy and safe
  • I choose how I take part in my community
  • I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
  • I get help to make changes in my life

Our vision

Our vision is to plan with individuals and their families to move out of their family home in a planned, person centred way using the supported living model above.

West Lancs Positive Living can help you with any or all of these standards: helping you plan your future, recruiting the staff that’s right for you and finding you a home; a house you like in an area you want to live in.